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Some of the intangible reasons:

· You need a writer to engage the reader with compelling text, in language that expresses your ideas and needs, yet written from the client or investor’s perspective, in language they use and understand.

· You would have to train someone to write for the customer in this format. They would have to be devoted to this task in order to do it justice.

· Not biased about your products. I can be objective.

· Known price. Agreed upon deadlines. You can utilize me whenever you need me.

· Your document is my focus. I am not worried about running other areas of your business. I set a definite timeframe for completion with most work done by me independent of you and your staff with interactions with you as needed.

· I turn a paper around much quicker, because I have the writing mindset and don’t “dread” writing. In fact, I write children’s short stories and books on the side, to keep my creative skills active and to make sure I keep it simple, yet interesting.

· With my varied background, I draw upon many industry and technology experiences to give a more complete picture.

· Technology trained, but market focused. In other words, I have both the ability to understand technical products and services with the skills to translate them into words investors can understand.


I practice what I preach. I drive a hybrid car, I use energy credits in my electric bill, I recycle extensively and I yell at my kids to turn off the lights and stop dripping water.

By the way, I Have Some Credential Stuff too:

· Been in the Software & Technology industry for 30+ years in Telecommunications, IT and custom software applications.

· Member of Green Chamber of the South, Column contributor.

· Member of American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region, Committee member of Cleantech subgroup.

· Service Provider to Cleantech Forum Members,

· Member of Toastmasters International,, certified Toastmaster.

· Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers),

· Served clients in all facets of business, ranging from product strategy, product development, product support, product management & marketing.

· Assignments with Fortune 500 companies, such as AT&T, DBM, Subcontract to General Dynamics, Lucent Technologies, BellSouth, WaCA/Asurion, and Amdahl, as well as several smaller firms.

· Even have some formal education:

· Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, NC State University at Raleigh, NC

· Master of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL

· Master of Engineering Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

· Also, take a look at my profile and extensive network connections on LinkedIn at

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Krishna is a professional in all aspects of his work. He has a sharp editorial eye and a great feel for story nuances and details. He knows how to frame a story to maximize its impact, and has the innate ability to read a written piece and get to the heart of its strengths and weaknesses. I value his editorial contributions at Nightbird Publishing. Krishna also excels as a writer. His prose is crisp and polished and he understands the essentials of effective persuasive writing. If you are looking for a writer who can sell your idea or product through the written word, look no further. Krishna is a marketing master!


Jeff Dennis, Owner, WordCraft Resources, Inc.