Telling Your Cleantech Story for a Greener Tomorrow

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Rounded Rectangle: Storytelling Approach for Green Products/Services Companies


How Do You Turn Your Green Services Or Products Into Green For Your Bottom Line?

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve and provides significant revenue generating opportunities. Most, if not all of these key elements need to be included in your green story:

 How do your products or services help your client generate additional revenue or differentiate themselves?

 They get to brag their upstream supply chain is green

 With regulations becoming more stringent, they avoid additional taxes and/or penalties

 How do your products or services help your client save money?

 They get to reduce operating expenses, if you save them energy and resource costs (like using less water).

 They get to reduce maintenance costs if replacements are less frequent. This will also reduce labor costs.

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Krishna has a unique ability to understand technology in the Cleantech space, and create language around it that can be understood by anyone. That's very important for companies operating in a high-tech industry. Krishna is also a patient advisor that helps you understand what he does, what he will do for you, and how you will benefit. Plus, he practices what he preaches in terms of environmental responsible.

Jon Milenthal, Vice President, Partner, The Milenthal Group