Telling Your Cleantech Story for a Greener Tomorrow

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Rounded Rectangle: Creating a Green Story

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“Krishna took complex engineering ideas and documentation and transformed them into usable media for sales, marketing and corporate communications to their departments. He also did a commendable job as liaison to other departments, representing the products acting as interdepartmental coordinator.”

Lee Friedman, Director, Advanced Development, BellSouth


The Process

Let’s walk through how a green story gets created ... steps designed to minimize your time, making sure as much information as possible is captured to get all the relevant details.

1. Send you a brief email questionnaire used to get the basic elements of the story from you and get key clients contact information to schedule 15 minute calls with them.

2. Schedule a brief 15-30 minute phone call to review your responses to the email questionnaire or to collect the responses from you in real time.

3. Contact the key clients previously identified to get material from them to develop candid testimonials to include in the story.

4. Schedule a draft review with you, with progress updates provided as needed.

5. Revise until you are completely satisfied.

This service focuses on ensuring this information is easy-to-read, well organized, and is in an engaging format to ensure its acceptance and usefulness to the intended audience, such that additional sales are generated.
The emphasis is bringing out the green message of your products and services, or if you are not directly providing those services or products, help you tell the story of how you support green initiatives and can help your clients be green.