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Testimonials from some of my valued customers and colleagues

“Krishna is one gentle spirit. I've found him to be a deep thinker and creative person. His writing skills help simplify complex technical issues. Krishna's passion for green technology is infectious and his communication style gets you thinking on what steps you need to take to implement what he is talking about. A great team player, Krishna always brings a new perspective to issues raised in team meetings. It is a pleasure working with Krishna and plan to use his writing skills on upcoming projects.”

Kene Iloenyosi, Division J Governor for District 14, Toastmasters International

 “Great to be part of R. Krishna's trusted network! Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional like you! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you.”

Steven Burda, MBA, Founder & President, Burda Consulting Co.

“Krishna is a dedicated professional and an asset to our Toastmaster's Club. He always goes above and beyond to make sure that the club runs smoothly, whether it's giving a speech, leading meetings, giving feedback, serving as an officer or the many other ways in which he serves his club. He also has a particular gift for reaching out to new members or guests and making them feel welcome and included in the meetings. In whatever he puts his mind to he goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Krishna for any venture he pursues.”

Julie Kosinda, MBA, SPHR,, VP Education, Atlanta MasterCrafters, Toastmasters International

 “Krishna is one of the best PM's I have worked with. His nice and warm attitude is one of the qualities liked by our entire team. He drives the project to success with dedication and ease and makes all the stakeholders happy at the end. His distinctive communication style to the executives and the team members deserves credit.”

Senthil Raghavan, Director, DBA Solutions Inc

 “During his time at WaCA I worked with Krishna on many projects. I found him to be not only a consummate professional, but a pleasure to work with. Krishna has a great personality and possesses excellent communications skills. As a project manager his plans were always on time and detailed showing an in depth understanding of the objectives. Krishna was a major factor in the successful development of our systems. I highly recommend Krishna to any prospective employer.”

Bruce Quisenberry, Service Solutions Manager, Warranty Corporation of America

“Krishna, has been one of the best PM's I have worked with. He is always on top of the projects he is involved with, and even goes beyond to assist where needed and help drive the projects that are falling behind. I look forward to working with Krishna in the future and will recommend his services at any future company I go to.”

Scot Russell, IT QA and Production Manager, Warranty Corporation of America an Asurion Company

 “Krishna’s ability to communicate clear objectives and produce continuous reporting makes him a true executive project management professional. He very quickly sees the big picture and can identify weaknesses in an organization’s set up and/or processes. Krishna was given and tasked with bringing projects in crisis to a more stable and manageable point. I would not hesitate if given other opportunities to work with Krishna on any project management initiative.”

Dwayne Milligan, Senior Account Manager, WaCA an Asurion Company

 “R. Krishna worked with Safe-Guard as a part time Project Manager who is extremely detailed and was a huge asset to Safe-Guard in streamlining our process procedures. Superlative work, from concept to final output!”

Sharon Cargal

 “Krishna Avva was project manager for an extremely complex and unique new voice messaging architecture successfully conceived, developed, and deployed in BellSouth network. His unique ability to work collaboratively with architects/systems engineers, human factors engineers, developers, two major (competing) vendors, and testing personnel contributed significantly to project success. I have the greatest regard for Krishna's organizational ability, interpersonal skills, and technical insight. These abilities earned Krishna the respect of all of the key technical experts on this important project.”

A. C. (Chet) McQuaide, Jr., Research Director, BellSouth

 “Krishna worked diligently at getting things done. He was extremely pleasant to work with and always a help when direction was needed. He knew what was needed and got the job done. I could easy recommend Krishna.”

Dana Nuccitelli, Director, BellSouth

 “Krishna always drove the projects he was managing and tracked them against schedules and budgets -- he always kept the teams to task. Krishna also knew how to work with the teams and realized the value in communicating the right information to clients.”

Daron Davis, Principal Software Test Engineer, ThoughtMill Corporation

“When a startup company needed engineering assistance to implement their idea, Krishna was able to identify the complex set of requirements and provide a solution that met the company's rigid timeline. Krishna constantly monitored implementation of the solution while being careful not to impede the development effort but all the while removing potential roadblocks. Management of change requests coupled with personnel changes, made this project extremely challenging to run. Krishna confronted this challenge and performed brilliantly.”

Brett Jones, Senior Staff Software Engineer, ThoughtMill

“From time to time you meet colleagues that are kindred spirits in experience, skills and approach. Krishna is one of those people. We were able to team up to initiate substantial process designs and changes at ThoughtMill. I learned so much from Krishna, while he was able to learn from me. That kind of collaboration is key to any success and growth. We were able to make significant mission-critical improvements at ThoughtMill, and establish process foundations that I still use today.”

Steve Johnson, Sr. Project Manager/E-Business Consultant, ThoughtMill Corp.

 “Krishna had an immediate, VERY positive impact upon arriving on this project. Things started moving much faster. His quick grasp of the technical side and superb people skills provided me with a lasting impression. I hope to one day soon work with him again!”

Tom Burgin, Technical Writer, Marketing Writer, Amdahl

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