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What Kind of Green Story Can You Tell, If You Don’t Provide Green Services or Products?

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve and provides significant positive public relations and client relations opportunities. Most, if not all of these key elements need to be included in your green story:

· Did you do any of the following at your facilities (office or manufacturing):

· Replace all the lighting with more energy efficient ones

· Add solar panels to either heat water or generate electricity

· Recycle and/or reduce waste

· Replace equipment to use more environmentally safe components

· Require your suppliers to use environmentally safe practices and materials

· Encourage your clients to be environmentally safe in their use of your products or services

With these practices, you can legitimately begin to claim being green. Several of these practices will also reduce your operating and maintenance expenses. When we get together to discuss your story, we can do an assessment on your sustainability practices and identify additional opportunities to be green.

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“Krishna's work as a project manager for Warranty Corp was exemplary. He was able to quickly get projects up to speed, ensure that all elements were in development and meeting expectations. Due to the fast moving nature of the warranty business Krishna's abilities to keep several critical projects on target and on time was remarkable and necessary. He also worked well with the various personalities involved and ensured that everyone received the attention necessary and the work got done. He took the time to provide a wealth of information and frequent updates to deliver projects when they were promised. I would heartily recommend Krishna for any appropriate management position. I would also add his work and focus on the need for attention to 'green' projects adds an extra dimension to his high value.”


Lou King, VP of Operations, Warranty Corporation of America